Malic Acid Benefits

Malic acid is found in a lot of the foods we eat. This naturally occurring organic compound is found in a lot of fruits: apples and apple juice are especially high in malic acid. Although malic acid can be found in these foods, many people opt to take malic acid supplements to treat a variety… Read More »

Gustatory Rhinitis

Rhinitis is the clinical name of a common disorder of the nose which is characterized by several symptoms, including nsal congestion, postnasal drip and a runny nose. These symptoms are caused by the insides of the nose and the nasal passages getting inflamed and irritated. This leads to an increase in the amount of mucus… Read More »

Thyroidectomy Recovery

A thyroidectomy is most often performed by a general surgeon; however, there are times an otolaryngologist may be called in to perform the surgery. Done under general anesthesia, the surgeon makes a small cut in the front part of the neck. He takes extra care while making this incision: he must avoid damaging the laryngeal… Read More »

Upset Stomach After Eating

Are you suffering with an upset stomach after you eat? The symptoms of an upset stomach after eating can be very distressing and uncomfortable, so naturally you will want to get to the root cause and treat it. It’s also possible that your upset stomach is a symptom of an underlying health issue which needs… Read More »

Swollen Gums Around Tooth

Did you know that over three quarters of Americans over the age of 35 will suffer gum disease (also know as periodontal disease)? The majority of people who develop gum disease will develop gingivitis, which is the less serious form of the disease. However, up to 15% may develop periodontitis, a much more severe kind… Read More »

Headache Behind Left Eye

People often complain about pain behind their left eye. This pain is often felt as a steady ache, or it could be as bad as shooting pains that seem to pierce the eye. The eye may appear droopy, and may not want to stay open. Pain, redness, contracted pupils, sensitivity to light, a stuffy nose,… Read More »

Bad Taste In Back Of Throat

Have you ever taken an over-the-counter medicine and then noticed a bad taste in the back of your throat? This is a pretty common side effect for a lot of people. Prescription medicines may also leave a nasty taste in your throat. However, medicines are not the only thing that can leave a bitter taste… Read More »

Bumps On Back Of Tongue

The tongue is just about the strongest muscle in the whole body. This small muscle allows us to taste our food, swallow it, and talk (but not all at the same time!) A healthy tongue should be pink and covered with small nodules called papillae. The circumvallate papillae, or vallate papillae, are the large bumps… Read More »

Good Sources of Calcium

Calcium is necessary for many bodily functions. Calcium is needed for nerve transmission, hormonal production, intracellular signals, muscle functions, vasodilation and vascular contraction. Calcium is the most common mineral inside the body. The body doesn’t even need 1% of its total calcium to keep up those necessary metabolic functions. Serum calcium doesn’t change according to… Read More »